Servicing and complaints


In case of visible damage on delivery, please use one of the following options:

  • Contact us: (fill in name, contact, address, type of product with his code and description of defect)
  • Call the hotline: +420 721 390 911
  • Fill in the complaint protocol (download HERE) and send it together with the claimed product to:
    ALT X Distribution, a.s., Dostojevského 3351/ 1, 702 00 Ostrava



Claims for goods proceed according to valid legislation:

  • All goods are covered by a 24-month warranty, unless otherwise stated.
  • Goods sent to the complaint must be delivered complete, clean, with a copy of proof of purchase in the shop and filled in the complaint form.
  • Complaints are settled within 30 days of their receipt.


The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • improper use of goods
  • mechanical damage or normal wear and tear
  • natural disasters (water, fire, lightning)


The carrier is responsible for damages caused by transport.



Complaints are made in 5 major steps:

  • Notification of the defect to the seller
    If the goods received have defects that are subject to warranty and the goods are within the warranty period, please notify the seller. It will inform you about further procedure of complaint management.
  • Return of goods
    After receiving the information about sending the goods back, send it to the delivery address of our shop. Never send cash on delivery, in which case we will not be able to take it.
  • Complaint procedure
    As soon as we receive the goods sent for the complaint, you will be informed. From that time, the statutory period for settling the complaint runs. 
  • Return of the settled complaint to the customer
    After the repair or replacement of the claimed goods will be sent to you again. You will be informed before sending the shipment. 
  • Money Back
    If repair or replacement is not possible, you will be notified of the refund. The conditions for returning the amount will be agreed upon according to the bilateral possibilities of receiving the amount.